Wood Handle Squeegees

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Selecting a Squeegee

Melray offers 60, 70 and 80 durometer squeegees. Other durometers are available as special order items. In general, use a softer squeegee for softer and rough print surfaces and harder squeegees for harder or smooth surfaces. Select a 60 or 70 durometer squeegee for t-shirts and other textiles and 70 or 80 durometer squeegees for sign work. Images that contain a lot of detail will print sharper using the harder(higher durometer) blades.

Select a squeegee length about an inch longer than image width while still maintaining plenty of free mesh area on either side of the squeegee. Two(2) inches or more of free mesh area is suggested. If the squeegee is too long the screen mesh flex and snap off will be reduced, prints will smear and the mesh may be torn at the frame edges.

Squeegee Care

The squeegee is made of urethane which will absorb solvents from ink and cleaners. Change out your squeegees every four(4) hours or so when running long jobs and do not let them soak in cleaners for any period of time. Clean the squeegee as quickly as possible and dry completely. Let freshly cleaned squeegees rest for one(1) to two(2) days for all absorbed solvents to dry out.

When the edge of a squeegee gets dull or rounds off it will produce a heavier ink deposit. This can be useful for printing underbases on dark shirts but may smear fine details. Replace dull blades or have them sharpened.

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