• Strip-e-doo Concentrate


    Emulsion Remover Concentrate is specifically designed to penetrate and dissolve all types of emulsion as well as capillary film without weakening the mesh. Blend at a ratio of 1 part concentrate to...
  • 23x31 Wood Silkscreens

    23x31 Wood Silkscreens

    $130.99 - $538.75
    Wood frames are sold in 6 packs and 12 packs for a flat rate in the state of Florida. For individual screen sales please see our price sheet and call 386-698-4414 or email orders@MelRay.com...
  • 25x36 Aluminum Silkscreen

    25x36 Aluminum Silkscreen

    $276.50 - $446.75
    Aluminum frames are fully welded, water tight and light weight.  These 25 x 36 frames are made using a 1 1/2"(38 mm) square extrusion and sold in packs of 6. Select FOREVER...