• 23x31 Wood Silkscreens

    23x31 Wood Silkscreens

    $130.99 - $538.75
    Wood frames are sold in 6 packs and 12 packs for a flat rate in the state of Florida. For individual screen sales please see our price sheet and call 386-698-4414 or email orders@MelRay.com...
  • 25x36 Aluminum Silkscreen

    25x36 Aluminum Silkscreen

    $276.50 - $458.50
    Aluminum frames are fully welded, water tight and light weight.  These 25 x 36 frames are made using a 1 1/2"(38 mm) square extrusion and sold in packs of 6. Select FOREVER...
  • 7500 Series Custom Pantone Mix

    7500 Series Custom Pantone Mix

    International Coatings

    $49.99 - $425.00
    Need a Pantone Mix but don't have the time? Let us make it for you! Please list the color you need from the Pantone Coated chart under the instructions section and we'll mix your ink within 1...