Wood Screens

Wood Screens

Proven Durability. Unbeatable Value.

  • Fabricated from clear Douglas fir
  • Low elongation European mesh
  • Double mortise and tenon corners
  • Rounded edges and corners
  • Polyurethane waterproofing
  • Ideal for cataloging artwork for repeat customers

Given their low initial cost and ability to be restretched numerous times prior to replacement, Mel-Ray WOOD Frames provide exceptional value to both manual and automatic print shops.

And because they are precision machined from Douglas fir, one of the most stable wood varieties available, Mel-Ray WOOD Frames are also exceptionally durable (there are literally tens of thousands of Mel-Ray WOOD Screens in print shops across America). We believe you will agree that our WOOD Frames are among the finest available.

For custom sizes please call us at 386-698-4414 or email Orders@MelRay.com

  • 18x20 Wood Silkscreens (2 Pack)

    18x20 Wood Silkscreens (2 Pack)

    $33.00 - $57.50
    18x20 Wood frames are great for students and hobbyists. These high quality yet economical screens are sold in packs of 2 to prevent damage during shipping. Mel-Ray WOOD screens offer low initial cost, proven durability and the...
    $33.00 - $57.50
  • 20x24 Wood Silkscreens

    20x24 Wood Silkscreens

    $98.99 - $403.50
    Wood frames are sold in 6 packs and 12 packs for a flat rate in the state of Florida. For individual screen sales please see our price sheet and call 386-698-4414 or email orders@MelRay.com. Mel-Ray WOOD screens offer low...
    $98.99 - $403.50