About Us


Mel-Ray Industries is a manufacturer of Aluminum and Wood Screens, scoop coaters, squeegees as well as a distributor of Screen Printing Supplies and Equipment.

  Mel-Ray Industries, located in Central Florida, has been serving the Screen Printing Industry since the mid-80’s. For over 35 years, Mel-Ray Industries has been meeting the business needs of screen printers, whether they are seasoned professionals or just starting out in their new screen printing business. We are a manufacturer of wood and aluminum screens, scoop coaters and squeegees as well as a distributor of screen printing supplies and equipment. We only use wood, aluminum and other materials, Made in the U.S.A., to build these products.
  We have the capability to manufacture standard and custom sized screens in either wood or aluminum. Mel-Ray Industries uses SAATI mesh, which is offered in white and/or dyed mesh counts from 24 and up to 420. We also manufacture scoop coaters up to 144” in length and squeegees up to 72” long, which are offered in various hardness values including but not limited to 60, 70 and 80
durometer values.
  Mel-Ray Industries is a distributor of plastisol products manufactured by International Coatings. Our company is also a distributor for products manufactured by SAATI, including emulsions, screen reclaiming products, squeegee blade as well as other screen printing products. We are also the only Florida based distributor for Franmar Chemicals, which manufactures environmentally (and human) friendly textile screen printing products used to reclaim and clean screens. In addition to the items listed above we also distribute Camie branded aerosol products as well as paper, films, tapes, pallet tapes and many other items.
   If you are in need of equipment we are a distributor of screen printing equipment manufactured by Black Body/BBC Industries, Vastex and Workhorse Products.