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23x31 Restretch Screen with 122 Hi-Dro Mesh (Dyed)


Product Description

Achieve better details and halftone performance, get better ink flow due to increased open area and have reduced squeegee pressure on the screen due to better ink flow. Achieve faster print speed (especially for white base), have reduced risk of ink drying in the screen and get reduction of possible moire effect.

Restretching your worn screens can save up to 40% over the cost of new screens.  Remove all excess ink and tape from frames (or leave it for us to remove for an additional $3.00/frame).  Leave the mesh and glue - removing it is part of our service!  Reuse the boxes your frames were originally shipped in. This will save you $2-3/box in packaging for the return trip to Mel-Ray.

If you need a return label for your restretches please use the CONTACT US form.

Use 305 mesh to reproduce very fine details.  Adding curable reducer to plastisol ink will improve printability.  This mesh can also be used with graphic inks. Choose white mesh for easy registration or dyed mesh for better image sharpness.

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