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20x24 Aluminum Frame with 110 Mesh


Product Description

Aluminum frames are fully welded, water tight and light weight.  These 20 x 24 frames are made using a 1 3/8"(35 mm) square extrusion.

Select FOREVER Frames™ to upgrade your screens.  Mel-Ray aluminum FOREVER Frames™ are guaranteed for life. If the frames ever wear out as a consequence of our RAPID Restretch service, we'll replace them free of charge.

The versatile 110 count mesh can be used on many types of print jobs and is often used for underbasing and printing large areas.  Choose white mesh for easy registration or dyed mesh for better image sharpness.

Mesh your selection with Saati Hi-Dro Mesh for optimum performance! Achieve better details and halftone performance, get better ink flow due to increased open area and have reduced squeegee pressure on the screen due to better ink flow. Achieve faster print speed (especially for white base), have reduced risk of ink drying in the screen and get reduction of possible moire effect.

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